Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with Deepty's help.

Some client names are withheld due to the sensitive nature of our work together. Photos are shared with the permission of the client. Confidentiality is paramount. 

Uncovering repressed sexual abuse, which was causing weight gain...

“I’m not sure what made me reach out to Deepty at the very beginning, but as we continued with the healings a major childhood trauma came to light. It made me realise that my weight, my lack in self esteem and my lack of confidence were tools I held on to to hide behind. 

I buried the sexual abuse incident under layers of shame and guilt, and with that I buried my childhood and all memories good and bad. 


What started as a chat and body sculpting became something much more profound and life-changing. With each healing, those emotions of guilt and shame have lifted, and as each layer peeled away, the layers of fat began to reduce. And with each passing day as I make peace with myself by forgiving myself and accept that what occurred is firmly in my past, the inches have been coming off. 

Thank you Deepty for giving me something to look forward to and for helping me recall my happy memories. The seven-year old girl in me still needs a lot of love and encouragement, but the 34-year old me is in a good place to be able to be there for her.”