“In spite of tithing regularly, my income is not increasing”

Important question for Pranic Healers

who despite having the right energetic tools,

still don’t have the confidence in their cash flow.

If there was a way to have the certainty about money coming in without the worry, unworthiness, or doubt surfacing at every opportunity that arises…
Would you feel confident committing to the elimination of the self-sabotaging baggage that could be holding you down?

You desire to have the freedom to ultimately serve others while also providing for yourself and your family.


But the constant nagging realizing of your financial condition eats away at the security of achieving your dream.


For the previous vows of poverty, the negative emotions regarding money, the undeserving thoughts all seem to blocking your way.


And for most this would be crippling.


But you are a Pranic Healer.


And you understand energy follows attention and intention.


Your thoughts and emotions are nothing more than energy.

As Master Choa Kok Sui says from the book Achieve the Impossible
“Your attitude reflects your financial condition. Some people see making money as difficult. What you think repeatedly tends to manifest. You have to say it is easy to make money.”

Remove what influences your attitude, and your attitude should change.


The key to


Self Sabotage Programs

Resistance to change. Waiting for the big payout like a lottery. Resistance to working toward your goal. Expecting perfection from yourself and others. These are some common examples of self sabotage programs.


Limiting Beliefs

"I don't have the education/training" "I need money to make money" "it's too hard to earn money" "If God wants me to have money, I will get it." These are some common examples of limiting beliefs.


Feeling of Not Being Worthy

"this is my karma" "how could I do what other successful people have done" "I don't even know where to start!" These are some common examples of feeling unworthy.


Difficulty in Finding New Opportunities

Lack of direction with next steps. Lack of motivation. Lack of clarity about the future.


I highly recommend Deepty’s sessions . I had the opportunity to attend different sessions with her. I love the way she guides into deep meditative state, bringing awareness to those deep rooted inner blockages and healing them. Without awareness there is no inner transformation-MCKS


The less those old viewpoints about finances affects you, the more you’ll be able to focus on what matters.


Start removing the burden of this emotional baggage and be free to begin planting the seeds you want.