No matter how much I dieted...
How much I worked out...
Or what size my body was…

I always felt ugly.

Growing up I wasn’t the type of girl that cried. But inside I was being eaten away by feelings of being unwanted. Feelings of zero self worth. Feelings of not being good enough.

Being bullied by a mean girl at school was horrendous.  My skin tone, seemed to give her a reason to treat me less than the other girls who had a lighter complexion. ⠀

The result?  

I was nauseated by the girl who looked back at me in the mirror.

And I was disgusted with that girl...

… until 2005 when I walked into a Pranic Healing meditation.

For the first time in my life I felt like I was finally HOME.

Soon after in 2006, I was part of a small group that was trained by Master Glenn and Master Marilag to learn Pranic Facelift. Some time after that I was taught Pranic Body Sculpting.

I started to notice a shift in my self image.

I found myself liking the woman I saw in the mirror.

I was able to wear a swim suit for the first time in years. I swapped out my baggy dark clothes for more stylish colorful ones. I learned not to shrug away compliments when I received them.

And then one day, I looked in the mirror and said to myself,

“You’re beautiful”

And it was the first time in my life I actually FELT beautiful.

Now after all these years of enhancing my inner beauty, I don’t care if my dress size is 4 or 10.

What I care about is self-acceptance.

This body of work changed my life.

It taught me self-appreciation.

It taught me self-love.

It taught me how to help others who seek inner beauty.

I have walked this road myself and know the power of deep transformation.  

As a full time Pranic Healer, Intuitive Coach and Inner Beauty Expert, I focus my career on helping people find self love and self acceptance through beauty.

I help people overcome their self sabotaging tendencies.

This is my journey of healing.