Helping you radiate the beauty you've always held precious

Are you ready to make peace with yourself? 


Are you ready for the mirror to reflect the beauty you've always had, but buried behind protective layers?

Intuitive Coach,

Pranic Healing Instructor, NLP Master Practitioner, Inner Beauty Maven,

Beeswax Candle Alchemist

Weight Gain caused by Repressed Childhood Trauma

“I buried the sexual abuse incident under layers of shame and guilt, and with that I buried my childhood and all memories good and bad. What started as Pranic Body Sculpting became something much more profound and life-changing.”

Thinning Hair and Weight Loss

“I would say there is 15 percent belly fat reduction so far. Hair growing from the previous bald spot.”

Removal of Inner Blockages Creates Space for a Romantic Relationship

"Your capacity to bring wise advice is exceptional, and your point of view is high quality. The impact on my life is tremendous in all aspects."

Recovering from Painful Divorce

"Deepty's sincerity and generosity with her time and resources has been a blessing in a difficult time. I am at ease while working with her and the trust I share with her allows me to be more conductive."

Outer Beauty through Inner Beauty

Deepty has been practicing Pranic Healing since 2005. She first learned about Beauty Through Energy in those early days.She was often used as a model for experiments with Pranic Facelift and Body Sculpting. Her clients include men and women all across the globe, including Italy, Germany, Canada, Peru, India, United Kingdom and more. 


Her style as a Pranic Healer is unique. She feels that using an individualized approach to sessions is much more effective in achieving results. By understanding the past, we can heal our future. Past traumas, phobias, abuse ... all play a part in healing of the mind, body and spirit. In her experience, often suppressed memories of trauma hold the key to letting the pain heal. During these sessions she guides her clients using her clairvoyance, intuition, knowledge and experience.  


She spends her spare time guiding meditation events, teaching Pranic Healing and continuing her education in the art of healing and spirituality.Her passion for healthy living lead her to discovering the magic of organic beeswax candles.