What is

Pranic Facelfit and

Pranic Body Sculpting?

With Pranic Facelift and Pranic Body Sculpting we work on inner beauty more than we work on outer beauty. Why ... I think you already know!

Pranic Facelift and Pranic Body Sculpting are no-touch, no needles, energy techniques which reduce the signs of aging and restore the youthful look for the face and body. Pranic Body Sculpting focuses on the body. Pranic Facelift focuses on the face and the neck. 


We remove the old stagnant energies that have embedded themselves on the face and body. You see, everything is energy, and that is a scientific fact. When we remove these old emotions using energy techniques, the physical body changes as well. 

As a women i know how it feels to think you’re fat, bloated, and even ugly. Many women feel unworthy, and not pretty.


I want to help you look and feel younger with energy.


How many of us have looked in the mirror and been completely overwhelmed by that blemish, that extra curve, the discoloration of our skin or that impossible hair!! Sometimes even with the most expensive clothes and makeup on we feel we are not good enough. 


All that negative chatter about not being good enough, not being pretty enough, not having the perfect car, or the perfect house, or the perfect relationship, or the perfect bank balance!! If all of that negative chatter could be erased ... what else would disappear!


The energy we spend on battling these perceived imperfections would be used elsewhere. And I guarantee you, our lives would change.

Pranic Facelift ... 

Have you noticed that new wrinkles tend to show up on the faces of those who experience a painful breakup or a dramatic life change.


Receive these unique energy sessions to re-vitalize and tone your whole face including the neck.

We can restore the natural glow and youthful radiance. 


During the session, we remove stress-related energies that are deeply embedded into the facial tissue. Then we gently moisturize, tone and re-vitalize by applying energy techniques. 


With this treatment, you will not only look better but feel better too. This is a safe, simple alternative approach in the hope of achieving a smooth, stress-free and youthful looking face.


With Pranic Facelift my clients experience:

. Reduced signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin

. Reduced double chins

. Reduced eye bags, fine line, and crows feet

. Rejuvenation of the face and improved facial glow 

. Cleansing and energizing the organs connected with facial rejuvenation 

. Disintegrate the energies such as stress, trauma and negative emotional experiences that makes us look older than their biological age 


Pranic Body Sculpting ...

People put on weight after a breakup or a negative emotional experience. Sometimes even rigorous dieting and exercise won't remove the extra bulge. 

With Pranic Body Sculpting my clients experience:

· Acceleration of their weight loss goals

. Toning of muscles and shaping of the body using energy

. Improvement of the body's ability to rejuvenate and become slimmer

· Removal of old energy patterns causing the fat cells to stay stagnant 

· Disintegration of psycho-emotional conditions that contribute to excess body weight

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Pranic Facelift